What is Your “Check Engine” Light Telling You?

Are you someone who ignores the “check engine” light until something goes wrong? Or, do you wait until your next scheduled service to ask about it? Maybe you’re the type of person who panics as soon as it comes on and immediately schedules a service appointment?

No matter how you react to your check engine light, there’s always a level of uncertainty that comes with it. No one really ever knows exactly what’s causing that little amber light to click on! It’s not until you take it into your auto shop in Rainier, WA and they run some tests are they able to give you a definitive reason for why it’s on.

This is a process called “running diagnostics.” Essentially, your vehicle is run by a computer. By hooking it up to another computer and running a check for errors, mechanics are able to figure out precisely what’s causing your vehicle to alert you. Usually, it’s in the form of an error code, which still needs to be deciphered to read into the true nature of the issue.

In some cases, your check engine light might be alerting you to an oxygen imbalance in your exhaust system. This is a relatively minor problem that may lead to engine inefficiency. In other cases, it could be telling you that your engine timing is off, which can lead to engine failure over time. The check engine light is a mixed bag! All the more reason to have a professional inspect it right away, to help clear the error and fix your vehicle.

The next time you’re staring at an amber light telling you to check your engine, don’t ignore it! Instead, roll into your local auto shop in Rainier, WA and have a professional get to the bottom of the mystery with some insightful automotive diagnostics.

Why are Transmission and Radiator Fluid Flushes Important?

Every driver knows the importance of an oil change in Rainier, WA—without one at regular intervals, your engine is going to suffer catastrophic failure. But did you know that oil isn’t the only fluid that needs a close eye kept on it? Totally enclosed systems like your transmission and radiator also require fluid checks, flushes and replacements to stay in tip-top shape.

The problem with these services is that they’re often out of sight, out of mind. There’s no sticker on your window to remind you of your next radiator fluid flush. There isn’t a light on your dashboard that tells you you’re low on transmission fluid. Plus, on top of this, fluid flushes and replacements aren’t required in as short of an interval as an oil change in Rainier, WA. As a result, people tend to forget about these routine services.

The reason they’re so important is because fluids prevent friction and heat: the two biggest catalysts of malfunction and mechanical failure. Without fluid to keep heat low and friction non-existent, your transmission would fail and your radiator would overheat in just a few hundred miles!

They might be the last thing on your mind when you’re chugging down the road, but keep your transmission and radiator fluids in mind the next time you head in for routine maintenance. Just like an oil change in Rainier, WA, they’ll keep your vehicle’s most important parts functioning to their highest levels.

How to Handle Clutch or Transmission Repair in Rainier, WA

The last thing any auto owner wants to hear is that there’s a problem with their transmission. The word “transmission” can send shivers down the wallet of any concerned driver and leave them wondering what the next steps are.

It’s important not to panic if you’re faced with the prospect of transmission repair in Rainier, WA, or even a full replacement. Your number one goal should be to find an auto shop that can assist you with this specialized service. Don’t just choose any auto shop—many won’t have the expertise or equipment to be able to help you! Instead, speak to professionals that have a track record for excellence.

Next, once you’ve made your appointment with JK Autoworks, you’ll need to request a full assessment of your transmission, clutch and peripheral components. Knowing the extent of the damage or problem means knowing what you’re up against when it comes to fixing it. This will also ensure you’re getting an accurate quote on service.

When you’ve got a quote and a timeline, be sure to ask your mechanic any questions you have. What caused the problem? Is there a warranty on parts and service? What’s the scope of the damage? These are all questions you can and should ask.

You might be surprised to learn that clutch or transmission repair in Rainier, WA isn’t as painful for your pocketbook as you might’ve suspected! With a smart, experienced professional on your side, you’ll find that the work is done quickly, accurately and more affordably than it might’ve been by any old auto shop.