Brake Repair and Replacement

Your Source for Brake Repair in Rainer, WA

brake-repairYour brakes are the difference between safety and collision—if they’re not giving you the stopping power you need to stay safe while driving then it’s time to have them replaced. JK Autoworks is here to provide you with comprehensive brake services to ensure you’re protected against the unforeseen.

When you come to us for brake repair in Rainer, WA, you’re getting trusted service from industry-trained professionals. We have a depth of experience in working on vehicles of all makes and models, and can assess your brakes thoroughly to provide solutions that are restorative of this critical function. Our areas of focus include:

  • Calipers: If your brakes have worn down over time to unsafe levels, your calipers can become warped or damaged. We can assess the integrity of your calipers and provide you with replacements if and when yours become damaged.
  • Pads: Your pads are going to wear over time and need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure you’ve got the stopping power needed when you hit the brakes. We’re happy to provide pad replacements and can help you assess when the time for a replacement is at hand.
  • Rotors: Over time your vehicle will need new rotors to ensure the function and integrity of its braking system. We can change out your rotors to provide optimal function to your brakes, giving you a gamut of options that include slotted and drilled rotors for ideal performance.
  • Lines: When you step on the brake pedal does it feel mushy? Do you find yourself putting the pedal into the floor while trying to brake gradually? These symptoms can mean air in the brake line, which will need to be bled to ensure proper function. We can also assist with brake fluid changes for smooth braking function.

Whether you need a full brake replacement in Rainer, WA or you’re just stopping by to have your brake lines bled or your fluid levels restored, know that you’ll drive away with your brakes in optimal condition. For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, please call 360-446-1488.