Vehicle Repairs

Routine Vehicle Maintenance in Rainer, WA

vehicle-repairThe best way to extend the overall life of your vehicle, maintain its safe function and prevent bigger problems from arising is through routine vehicle maintenance in Rainer, WA. Staying on top of fluid and filter changes, system checks and other valuable operational items will leave you with a vehicle that performs as expected throughout the lifetime of your ownership.

When you come to JK Autoworks for routine vehicle inspections in Rainer, WA, trust that you’ll get comprehensive service from highly trained professionals. Our staff takes pride in helping customers prevent bigger automotive issues from arising, and we illustrate our value by maintaining your vehicle to a superior standard. Some of our maintenance services include:

  • Light checks and bulb replacements
  • Fluid level checks and top-offs
  • Engine oil and filter replacements
  • Air filter checks and replacements
  • Fluid flushes
  • Tire pressure checks and inflation

In addition to the above basic services, feel free to consult with us regarding wheel alignments, hose checks and replacements, exhaust inspections and service, lubrication, wiper blades and more! We’re here to be your complete and total resource for top to bottom, bumper to bumper vehicle maintenance.

Radiator and transmission flushes

Your radiator and transmission are absolutely critical to the function of your vehicle. If they’re not properly maintained to the fullest, your auto is going to suffer. Consult with us at 30k vehicle benchmarks to have your radiator and transmission fluid levels checked and flushed. We’ll keep you chugging along to the next service appointment through these critical services!

30k/60k/90k mile services

30k vehicle intervals are ideal milestones for a wide range of maintenance tasks—particularly before the 100k marker. Come and visit us when you hit 30k/60k/90k on your odometer and we’ll help advise you about what services will best benefit your vehicle. This can include system flushes, component replacements, diagnostics and more.

For more information about routine vehicle maintenance in Rainer, WA or to schedule your next service appointment, get in touch with us today by calling 360-446-1488.