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Why Fuel Injection Matters

Think of your fuel injection as the veins and arteries of your car. Just like in the human body, if the blood flow (or in this case, fuel flow) is reduced by clogs or deposits that have built up over time, sooner or later your car is going to have some health issues. With vehicles, the culprit is carbon, which can accumulate in different parts of the fuel injection system.

When that happens, you may start noticing that your vehicle requires more gas, has a hard time starting, idles poorly, is low on power, or in extreme cases, experiences oil thinning which can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Think of the latter as the equivalent of your car having a heart attack or a stroke.

Smelling Fuel in Your Car: How to Know When Your Fuel Injection Needs to be Checked

The most immediate sign of a fuel injection issue is smelling gas inside your vehicle, but other signs can be equally attention-getting. You may have trouble starting it, notice that the engine is hesitating or idling rough and that your mileage isn’t what it once was. Lower overall performance may also be an indicator that it’s time to get your system checked.

A Whole New Car: Benefits of Fuel Injection Service

At JK Autoworks we’ll hook your vehicle up to a machine that runs a solution through every aspect of the fuel injection system, including injectors, intake manifold, valves, and pistons. This eliminates carbon build-up and makes such a difference in terms of restoring fuel mileage and performance that your vehicle may feel brand new again. One common phrase we hear from customers when they pick up their cars after a fuel injection service is ‘My car has so much more power now.”

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